bX Ceramics_mini gourd cup


カリフォルニアのパサデナをベースに創作活動するBecki Chernoff氏による陶器 bX Ceramics(ベックス セラミックス)の小さめひょうたんタンブラー。ちょっとお茶やコーヒーを飲むときによい日本の湯呑みサイズ。スタジオで一点一点丁寧に作られるbXの陶器たちはシンプルながらユニークな形に素朴で温かみのある土感が他にはない魅力を感じさせます。

size: 直径6 x 高さ8.5cm
made in california

:::About bX Ceramics:::
bX Ceramics (pronounced bex ceramics) are ceramics made by me, Becki Chernoff in Pasadena, California. No assistants of any kind have been used in the making of bX Ceramics. I have been wheel throwing since 1994 and plan to never stop learning. I have a studio in Pasadena where I make my work and it’s fired in the stellar kilns of Green & Bisque Clayhouse, also in Pasadena where I’ve taught advanced beginning wheel throwing and was the teaching assistant for an Art Center intro to Ceramics and Advanced Ceramics class. With a 17 year background in Automotive Engineering, industrial geometry informs the clean lines in my work. I’m also a Car Enthusiast and Hand Model. No, I’m not joking. :)

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